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now abc2news at 6:30. this is it. the night orioles fans have been waiting for for 15 years. they face off against the yankees. for the opener. here is more. we have been on a high since friday night. we are at a bit of delay but why have been waiting 15 years, but we can wait another half- hour. >> reporter: we can sit there with a rain delay. we can handle this. you and i have experience, 16 years ago, we had water up to our ankles. that night was washed out.
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at least tonight we'll play baseball. this rain will go away. >> you can feel the excitement inside. the tarp was being put on the field about an hour and a half ago. he was signing autographs. 132 playoff games between the yankeesnd a the orioles last one, 132. that is too many. >> it is nice to be invited back to the party. the fans are ready for this. i'm so happy. if they don't win another game, i wanted at least two games in baltimore. >> let's hear it from the fans. >> i came all the way from pennsylvania to see them beat the yankees. >> [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] >> this is a hat with all the world series tickets and games i have been to over the years. i have collected them and every time the orioles are in the playoffs this hat comes out. i don't wear it unless they are in a playoff game or in the
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>> yeah, go o's. >> yankees/orioles, davis is out in right field. dino at second base. >> i can't wait to see the baseball tonight. of course jason, we'll see how that goes with his knee. >> the weather, i am not a professional or amateur meteorologist but by the time they start playing baseball, i don't think the weather should be a factor. we'll have good conditions. if it is bad, they will hold it up. >> it is billy martin. it is all of it, right? >> playoff baseball is back in baltimore. >> let's have a doubleheader win. rave vention won earlier, now, let's see if the orioles can win. back to you. >> i know what it is like when the yankees come to town.
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please tell me there is more orange down there tonight. >> reporter: there is more orange than pinstripes. >> no question about it. the house will be rocking orange by the time they throw the first pitch. >> thanks. go o's. >> for the first time since 1997, they are decked out. crews were getting the stadium ready for the orioles came against the yankees tonight. here is more of what happened besides the scenes. >> reporter: the word postseason is painted on the field at camden yards. a new look for a team that passed the expectations of fans in october. >> our ears are still ringing. ringing. >> [ applause ] >> this is orioles magic right here. >> never would have thought
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about this in april, never had a chance, but today we're believers. >> a wild night for a wildcard matchup makes since. the 5-1 win brings the orioles right back home where the sound has turned to groundsmen making it fit for the series against the yankees. he brought a sweatshirt and checked out his seats for monday's game. >> i'm just thinking about all the years i have been coming down here waiting for the day when the orioles will be back in the playoffs. >> while the ballpark gets a bit of a break, so does the team. their chartered flight did not arrive from texas until 5:00 saturday morning. >> 1997 teams like forever ago, but we can believe now in the magic. >> i know how far the team came. this year complete turnaround.
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>> the orioles faced the yan fees. they are trash talking online but crews are cleaning up the yard and bringing the pride back to baltimore. >> i don't think they are thinking about rivalries or the past. i think they are thinking about each day they play the game and that makes them very unique. now with the other bird, it wasn't a pretty win, but a w is a w. the ravens taking on the chiefs in a battle. justin tucker earned his paycheck. scary moments there when he took a hit. he left the field with a head injury in the 4th corner but we were able to pull this one out. >> well, let's hopefully keep the wins going. we're going to get you over. it is clear overhead right now, but we have those spotty showers toward the south and
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west. again, all of baltimore city is clear right now. we had that batch of heavier showers that moved through. steadier showers to the south and that will be rolling into the city limits during the course of this evening. it is chilly. 50 right now. into the 40s through game time. 55 over the eastern shore. 40s and 50s out west. 47 degrees with a northwesterly wind at 5 to 10. overnight, frost and freeze condition. that is coming up in a little bit. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> the death toll from that meningitis outbreak stands at 7 including one from maryland. 3 are from here. the outbreak has been linked to steroid injections and the pharmacy issued a voluntary recall yesterday, but the new
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england compounding center said the recall was a precaution and there was no indication that any other products were contaminated. they said not to use any products distributed by the center. about 75 medical facilities in 23 states received those contaminated products. >> and now for the search for a missing ten-year-old girl in colorado. time and weather factors. she didn't show up for school friday morning and there was no sign where she went or what may have happened. here is more. >> reporter: in near freezing temperatures an army of over 800 volunteers came to help find jessica. >> scouring fields, trails and hillsides saturday near her home. >> right now they are just asking us to find anything out of the ordinary, any evidence that we can find. >> at roadblocks police and fbi agents are stopping everyone,
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asking questions, searching cars. >> in the last couple of weeks have you heard anything suspicious? cops are saturating the streets, knocking on every door. >> a team of divers was asked to check a lake near jessica's house, but found nothing. >> we were hoping we would get anything, just a piece that would steer this investigation and guide us into a more focused way and we still -- it is a very broad investigation. we just don't have that piece yet. >> she left to meet friends for the walk to school, but the girl with the pink and purple glasses never arrived. her mother sarah who works nights and was asleep missed the call. she woke that afternoon to a nightmare. by the time she called police jessica had been missing 8 hours. >> investigators are reviewing recent calls for possible connections. they note that just two weeks ago, her school sent a letter
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warning about stngers. >> even though there was a custody battle between her mother and father who live in missouri, the family is cooperating so far and there are no suspects. >> just when you thought the bugs of summer were heading out, they are thinking again and now they are looking to hang out for the winter months as well. we'll tell you where they are hoping to hideout in your home when we come back. >> 50 degrees downtown. it is going to get a chilly feel across much of baltimore. we'll talk about the forecast next. ?o?o?oçoíc';
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right now we have been battling bugs all summer. some are eager to join you inside for the winter months. they are looking to get warm too, hiding in your attic and walls just waiting on string.
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this year the critters in 38 states in the mid-atlantic region being the hottest spot. >> there are millions of them. it is worse than i have ever seen in my life. >> you got that right. >> the good news is they won't sting or bite. they will eat everything making them a problem for your garden, too. >> this is a look at a little time lapse photography this afternoon. gray skies and fog. showers. take a look at that shot in high definition outside of our studio doors here. a really ugly picture of low clouds where temperatures were a struggle again to get out of the low 50s so well below average for this time of the year. 50 degrees in baltimore. dewpoints into the 40s. a bit of a wind making it feel
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raw at just about 30 inches and ricing. 50 in town right now. dc at 52. starting to see some 40s showing up. hagerstown. then a look at 30s tonight. forecast lows going for 39 in the city limits. outside of 70, outside the beltways, 30s. frost and freeze conditions. for that reason we have some frost advisories for allegheny county, washington county under freeze warnings because temperatures could fall near the freezing level. here is your hour-by-hour forecast. spotty showers at 47. 46 degrees at 11:00. we'll be around 40 degrees waking up for tomorrow morning to our way to the 50s for tomorrow afternoon. spotty showers. this has been moving toward the northeast. heavy showers accompanying this. no lightning but we'll see downpours that this moves to
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the north. woodlawn at 7:05. it will move right now into the stadium at the present hour. be aware of that. there is still this area of low pressure. that is what is responsible for the heavy rain. we'll see clearing skies as we head into tonight, but that will allow our temperatures to drop. clear skies out to the west. that will push in for tuesday afternoon and that will bring a little bit of a comfortable feel but the jet stream will bring in the chilly air. >> showing clear skies through the overnight. and that is going to allow for temperatures to drop into the 30s. by tomorrow afternoon, a chance of a precipitation or two comes through. 39 in town tonight with patchy frost north and west. >> 61 on tuesday. 70 on wednesday. another cool shot by thursday. we'll be right back.
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we're celebrating an o's victory. >> yeah.
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welcome. i'm kim knight. remember the past celebrate the present and energize the future. that is the motto and a great one for the baby boomer senior expo, 25th anniversary. here to talk about it is my guest from the baltimore county of aging. thanks for being here today >> thank you for the opportunity. >> sure. 25 years. >> yes. the baltimore county department of aging is excited about this senior expo this year. we're looking forward to over 200 exhibitors, live entertainment. it is an opportunity for older adults to have information,
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find resources, it is good for caregivers, professionals in the field, internet work of aging so we're very excited to be able to promote this large venue of information. >> you really want to get not just seniors involved but the baby boomers as well, a whole age range. >> absolutely. we work with older adults from late 50s into their late 90s so we have a little bit of everything for everyone. in addition to seniors themselves with the caregivers and anyone who comes into contact with them. >> this is october 10th, wednesday and thursday october 11th, two full days. >> and abc 2 will be out there. we're excited to be partnering with you. >> we are grateful to have the opportunity for coverage. >> and things to purchase and services. >> many vendors will be selling items that will help or be of interest to those to stay
6:53 pm
comfortable in their homes. we'll have health screenings and we'll have life enrichment opportunities in the area of travel, technology, education, so there is fun, live entertainment on a main stage continuously indifferent genre's of music and it is a fun way of coming and getting valuable information. >> sure. it sounds great. thank you so much joanne. the baby boomer and senior expo 25th anniversary. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for joining us today on maryland's spotlight.
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welcome to maryland's spotlight. i'm kim knight. the 25th anniversary of the senior expo is coming up in maryland in october and a heavy
6:55 pm
presence there will be st. joseph's medical center. one thing we'll touch on is diabetes and other health related issues. eva gonzalez, you're from the diabetes center. let's talk about diabetes and how baby boomers, how does that affect them. >> it affects them in that they are at higher risk not just because of the aging process, but obesity is driving the pref lense of type 2 and there are a lot of things we can do to inform people who are coming to the event but it is just important to know that those two things combined are definitely increasing the pref lense that we see for type 2. >> how does diet play a role in type 2 diabetes? >> diet is one of the most important factors that can contribute to your weight, so you know, a lot of what we do is provide support and
6:56 pm
education in terms of what are the best things to look for in a healthy diet, what are the best things to avoid. we're always helping people to read labels because it is confusing and sometimes there are too many things on there, so we devote a whole class for that. nutrition in terms of what should i do if i eat out a lot? what are the best choices to make. portion control. we wrote an article about rethinking your drink because a lot of people are getting extra calories from the drinks they consume that are empty. we call them empty lories. there is no nutritional value. we want to tell people about to improve their diet which in turn could help them manage their weight better and reduce their risks for diabetes. >> you'll be at the baby boomer expo. >> i'll be there on the 10th. >> you can give a lot of
6:57 pm
reliable information to folks who are visiting about how they can better take care of themselves through diet, exercise. >> yes, absolutely. that is our goal. we do a the l of work with the community. we're excited about this one and we'll be there all day to provide support, education. we'll do risk assessments because some people are at risk and don't know it. when they come to community events they can learn more about theories ks and what to do to reduce them and what positive things are available to them that they could start today. >> that is an important thing to touch on. we're happy to partner with the expo this year. there are in addition to certainly the information you're going to provide regarding diabetes, there is health and wellness and nutrition screen ks there, as well, and flu shots made available. a lot to offer here. that is october 10th. we'll see you there. and eva gonzalez thank you for
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joining me today. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining me on maryland spotlight. i'm kim knight.
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